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Welcome to Chung-Ang University HRI & HK+ AIH

Our research institute(operating under chung-ang university) is currently conducting the HK+ initiative as of November 2017 in order to establish ‘Artificial Intelligence’ with the support from the NRF.

Currently as of December 2020, Humanities contents research institute is conducting academic research and academic exchange activities with leading professor Lee Chan Kyu along with other 31 professors from diverse backgrounds and 9 other research professors.

HK+’AI Humanities’ aims to accomplish a futuristic and interdisciplinary research achievement in accordance with the fast-pace developing AI technology and humanistic reflection.

That being said, our research can be divided into 5 categories in order to achieve the following; ‘An ethical and philosophical reflection of the meaning implied in the word “artificial intelligence” ‘, ‘A humanistic approach to social, cultural phenomenon derived from artificial technology/industry’, ‘Creating a revolutionary humanistic research methodology using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology’.

The 5 categories are; ‘AI Socio-Cultural Studies‘, ‘AI Relationships & Communication Studies‘, ‘AI Technology Criticism‘, ‘AI Ethics‘, ‘AI Data Analysis‘. All five categories converges to ultimately accomplish our aim to ‘establish AI humanities’.

Moreover, our institute as a hub of critical and creative humanity studies of Artificial Intelligence will host an international conference(International Conference on AI Humanities; ICAIH) annually and publish an academic journal(Journal of AI Humanities; JAIH) on AIH.

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